SGS Libaray

The Sao Garng Hsor Library (SGSL)

The Sao Garng Hsor Library (SGSL) welcomes gifts of books and other materials that enhance or develop the library collection. It is in progress and we are collecting various kinds of book: in English, in Tai (Shan), in Thai as well as in Burmese.

The Library accepts donations of published materials, in whatever physical format they occur, including books, journals, religion, science, education audio and video-tapes and compact Discs which relate to Dhamma talk.

Books are necessary tools for education, information, creation, social development, leisure and cultural dialogue. Book donations are one of the components of a partnership policy for the development of reading. Your individual donation is what enables us to keep the Library fresh, up-to-date and growing.

All materials given to the library become library property. Gifts of materials may be added to the library collection subject to the same principles and standards of selection as are applied to all materials added to the Library’s collection. The Library’s collections emphasize English knowledge, English Grammar, Pali texts and religious studies.

And we are planning to purchase another one cupboard. Because many books are being kept together in every cupboards as we have seen from the photo. This is now the most importance to deal with our SGS Library. Accordingly, your donation is warmly welcomed to help our SGS Library. It will cost amount of Rupees 4, 5000 (U$D 450).



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